Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Before We Begin,
A Little Bit of Left Leaning Agitprop

I know this technically has nothing to do with books but I feel that it is my duty to those who view this page (both of you, Hi Mom!) to let you know about a great site called . I decided when I started this site that I wasnít going to rant and rave about politics but frankly it is my duty as an American and an thinking individual to get as many people to help stop this man before he does any more permanent damage to the world.

Already, President Bush has squandered the largest Budget surplus in US History. He has started two wars that have significantly destabilized an already fragile region of the world and is gearing up for a third that could irrevocably alter not just our diplomatic relations with other countries but seriously undermine what little security we have left in this country. Under the Geneva Convention, our troops and President Bush as their leader are responsible for securing any cultural and historical sites and artifacts during and after a war. This makes Bush responsible for the looting of the Museum and destruction of the National Library in Baghdad. Thanks to president Bush, the world is missing thousands of irreplaceable cultural artifacts, records and books from the cradle of civilization. And whatís worse, he doesnít seem to care. This all could have easily been avoided but instead he blithely dismissed warnings from the international community concerning the safety of not just the history but the people of Iraq.

We canít let this man or his administration continue to misrepresent us. Besides, we impeached Clinton for getting some loviní from a woman who happened to be someone other then his wife. What Bush has done and is planning to do is far, far worse.

So go to the above site, add your name to the petition to get this man and his barrel of oil drenched monkeys off our back!

We now resume regularly scheduled Bookishness.


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