Thursday, May 22, 2003

I've been on manouvers with the Procrastination Army the last few days but i seem to have fulfilled my obligations for now (it's sort of like the National Guard, one weekend a month sort of thing but only more sporadic and it's always next weekend).

It occurs to me that I haven't posted the plot Synopsis to so those of you out there don't know what the hell I'm talking about when I refer to that novel. So here it is. And remember, tomorrow is Friday which means the next passage from the book will be up sometime tomorrow morning.

Also, as a warning, this is a working Synopsis, not a teaser, meaning that it does give away the plot. If that's a problem and you want to be surprised by what happens next, I suggest not reading bellow:

The Tragic Circus / Synopsis
By Keith Kisser

Uncle Soren, in a fit of pique, goes out one night for a bottle of milk. Twenty years later, he returns to the Said Family home with wild tales of his journey traveling around the world with a Bohemian Sideshow in search of the meaning of life. During the weeks that follow he upends their domestic status quo, much to the amusement of Simon, resident poet of the Said family; his younger sister, Lilly, a devout Catholic with Gothic sensibilities and the Lady Imogen Saturnine, the eccentric old widow who rents the third floor apartment. While Frederick, Soren?s brother and the father of Lilly and Simon is pleased to see his brother again, he secretly wishes Soren would stay out of his kitchen.

One night over a few drinks, Soren gives Simon a journal, which is partly an account of his travels and partly a treatise on how Soren lived his life: with no compromises or regrets. The morning after, Soren overdoses on sleeping pills.

At Soren?s funeral, Simon meets Inez Vespertine, a clairvoyant Mortician. They fall in love and together, continue Uncle Soren?s search for the Meaning of Life. Finding very soon that life has no inherent meaning, they decide to fill the void with poetry instead. This takes the form of increasingly elaborate acts of poetic terrorism, such as gluing dildos to garden gnomes and whispering arcane musings at people from a transmitter placed inside of a statue.

Around this time, Simon?s younger sister, Lilly discovers that she is pregnant. This is a surprise, as she is well known to be a virgin. Is the father her amorous Priest, Jose Cabrera? Or was she made pregnant that night of the thunderstorm when a diffuse blue spirit light overcame her while Simon and Inez chanted erotic poetry and made love in the next room? Neither Lilly will not say and her Doctor can neither confirm nor deny anything. Everyone simply assumes that when the child is born they?ll just see whom it most resembles. When the boy is born with the head of a wolf no one knows what to think.

Meanwhile, Simon rattles loose Father Jose?s faith by pretending to be the voice of God talking though a transmitter hidden in the Cathedral Bells. When Lilly catches him in the bushes with a microphone he spends a night in a Haxan County jail cell where he is harassed by Henry Parsifal, a paranoid Detective who suspects Simon of being part of a Vast Satanic Conspiracy. Inez and Lady Saturnine manage to convince Father Jose to drop the charges and Simon is released, much to the Detective?s chagrin.

At baby Amadeus?s christening, Father Jose shows up drunk and declares his love for Lilly, causing a scene. This confirms what many already suspected, that the Priest is indeed the Father of Amadeus, though Simon and Inez still wonder a bit.

Father Jose is shipped off to a new parish but soon disappears. A few nights later he shows up in the tree outside Lilly?s window to apologize and say goodbye. He explains to Lilly how he?s lost his faith and has the sneaking suspicion that life might have no meaning. He finally understands her uncle Soren now and why he committed suicide: it wasn?t because he was depressed but because he had finished living his life and simply wanted to bow out gracefully, as the master of his own destiny rather then lingering on to grow old and disaffected with the absurdity of the world. Instead of blaming Simon for instigating this uncertainty, Jose is grateful, much to Lilly?s surprise. She kisses him goodbye. Then the former priest follows Soren?s example and sets off in search of something in which to believe.

Detective Parsifal still suspects that Simon is up to something Godless and flamboyant. So he tails Simon and Inez around town, ultimately following them and the rest of the Said family to the Circus. There, at a magical sideshow, The Detective is tricked by Cosmo the Magician into volunteering for a special trick. The Detective steps inside Cosmo?s Magic Cabinet and when the Magician opens the cabinet again, the audience finds that it is empty. Detective Parsifal is never seen nor heard from again.


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