Friday, May 30, 2003

"listen: there's a hell of a good universe next door; let's go"

President Gore was on the news this morning applauding the progress being made by the Iranian reformers. He called them an example to other Muslim nations, saying that the ideals of Democracy are compatible with Islam and that these people are proof of that. It's still too early to tell yet but in a few years, who knows?

I know a lot of people have been following the case with the nineteen men who were arrested back in September, 2001 for plotting to highjack airplanes and crash them into the Pentagon, White House and World Trade Center in New York. I for one have been very interested to see what happens and it looks like they are going to get life in jail. Some people on the Right, like Governer Bush are calling for the death penalty but killing foriegn nationals, even if they are terrorists strikes me as a little barbaric; I've always felt that American should be an example of liberty but hay, that's just me. Besides, they'll be spending the rest of their lives in prison and I'm sure their future cell mates who will have a few things to say to them about their intentions and ideas.

Ever since we broke ties with the Saud's over the highjackers (since, you know, 12 of the 19 were from Saudia Arabia) the oil crunch has been a bit rough. I think the oil companies are purposely jacking up the prices just to spite Gore and his environmentalist supporters but hay, fuck 'em. I'll pay a buck seventy a gallon if it means we don't buy oil from people who support terrorists who try to kill us. Besides, not having any more troops in the Middle East is a Good thing; my Sister in Law is in the Army and I for ine don't want her or anyone else being over there just so some rich oil Barons can get cheep gas.

Also, just let me say, I'm glad NASA has gotten more funding. There were a few tense monthes there, right after the Shuttle accident when it looked like the whole depatment would be scrapped. I don't care what anyone says, we need NASA. I mean, the benifits of the International Space station and manned Space flight in general are, litterally, astronomical. New technology, new ways to lok at the world and plus, the posative beneifts it gives to dreamers like me who have always wanted to live on the moon, who look up at night and can feel like one day soon, we'll be up there just like Buck Rogers, that is something.

It's good to be alive in the twenty first century.


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