Thursday, May 15, 2003

On Monday I ordered my laptop for grad school, a nice shiny new 12.1 inch titanium powerbook G4. I also ordered a printer, USB cable, adaptor and a new optical mouse for the desktop (a creaky old-but- reliable G3 Power Mac). I have to say Iím impressed with the Apple Storeís speed. I received the printer yesterday, the adaptor this morning and just now Fed Ex delivered the Mouse and cable. Now if only the laptop would arrive, Iíd be setÖ

I just hooked up the optical mouse to the G3 power Mac and oddly, it seems that the computer now runs faster. I suppose the USB connection through the newer keyboard we bought last summer responds quicker then the old mouse, which was connected to the back through the old port but even on screen, the graphics respond quicker. Not that Iím complaining. As we upgrade the hardware on the G3, piece by piece it gets better and better. Not bad for a six year old machine. But then itís a Mac not a clunky old PC that is obsolete the moment you take it out of the box and can only be upgraded but so far. We added a new memory chip and a USB port last summer when the old keyboard died and the only available one was the spiffy black and clear keyboard that matches the imacs.

So we have this sort of hybrid now, with a massive tan monitor and big old tan hard drive case, an external modem rigged through the printer port with a shiny new keyboard and optical mouse, running OS 10.0.2. The printer, alas was the only thing we couldnít patch through when we upgraded the OS to 10. For some reason we have the only model Epson they never made a patch for. Go fig. Anyway, I think Iíll take this new mouse for a spin and maybe when I get back the laptop will be here!


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