Monday, July 21, 2003

Blah, Blah, Blah...

I havenít felt like writing much these past few days. I donít know why, other than that Iím still getting over a persistent cold. Youíd think I would be all fired up, seeing as how Iím about half way through a great little story about a young girl and her demonic doll but for some reason Iím just not very focused. And itís not the coldó I wrote 4000 words last week when I was worse off than I am now.

Maybe Iím anxious over starting Grad School soon. A month from today in fact Iíll be heading up to Maryland. Iíve never been to the University of Maryland; itís been four years since I was last in college at all, and that was SCAD, which is sort of a joke of a college, to be honest. I mean come on they gave me a degree in comic books, how serious could they be? So Iím a good eight years out of any rigorous sort of academic lifestyle, Iím going to be away from my wife for weeks if not months at a time... So I guess it could be that Iím just a little distracted.

Not that Iím really all that worried about the academic part, from what Iíve heard form other people who have gotten their MLS, the classes are pretty simple; basically, if you know your alphabet and can write the occasional paragraph explaining something simple, itís a breeze. Having just completed a 58,500 word novel and being half way through a 30,000 word novella, I think I can handle the writing and the research (something I actually enjoy doing; most people think that writing fiction, you just sit down and write whatever comes into your head but thereís a lot of actual fact checking and research involved and something satisfying about doing it, especially when its of your own volition rather than for some silly research paper on the Roman Aqueduct or the causes of the Civil War).

I donít for a minute believe in writers block (for evidence, reread the above three paragraphs). Thatís just an excuse for being lazy and if Iím going to be lazy, I donít need an excuse; Iíll simply be lazy. This is different, I have the desire to write but when I sit down at the computer I decide to instead play on the Internet or watch a movie instead. And itís mot like I lack self discipline (did I mention my novel? The 260 page one I spent a year writing?)

Perhaps I am just being lazy, distracted and sick. I think Iíll go watch Farscape and cough up a lung, while trying not to think about the fact that I just took out a huge loan for an education in a field Iím not entirely sure I want to be in.


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