Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Busy, Busy, BusyÖ

Getting ready for Grad School is time consuming so posting will be light for the next to or three weeks.

Currently, Iím reading Cages by Dave McKean which is probably the single best Graphic novel Iíve ever read.

Now, Iím a big champion of the comics medium (my undergrad degree is in comic books, seriously) but even I will admit that most graphic novels tend to be lightweights compared to prose novels. But not Cages. The subtlety, the mystery, the structure and subtext is all on par with the best prose novels Iíve read and far surpasses a lot of the work by other certain authors, who will remain unnamed.

Iíll have an in depth review up in September as well as an excerpt from the Black Doll. Now I have to go decide which books to take with me and which ones to leave. My wife needs something to read while Iím gone, after all.


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