Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Fair and Balanced

For some reason, Fox is suing Al Franken for using the words "fair and Balanced" in the title of his new book. They apparently think they own the words "Fair and Balanced". That and they have no sense of humor what so ever. So a number of bloggers are also being Fair and Balanced. I fgured I'd jump on the band wagon because Al Franken is one of the funniest, most inteligent Liberal comedian/commentators out there today. And because Fox is a sad and pathetic excuse for a news source, having long since abandoned any resemblence to actual journalism in favor of "Infotainment". Gods and Monsters, what a horrible jingoistic buzword that is. Edward R. Murrow's ghost should haunt Rupert Murdoch's dreams until the man either comes to his senses or succumbs to some horrible rich man's disease. Limmo Rot or Moneybagitis. Something expensive, anyway.


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