Monday, August 25, 2003

I'm tired and rambling but just thought you should know...

So orientation for Grad School was Saturday. I feel all oriented. Now if only I could find a way to not spend 300 bucks on textbooks! No, I didn't think there was either. There's just no hope, I'm afraid.

I have classes with sexy names like Information Access (oh yeah!) Information Use (Use me! Oh, Use!) and Information Technology (Oh!) And Information something else, but I forget what at the moment. They should be fun and interesting in a book geeky, geeisn't that swell sort of way.

Yesterday I met some of Elvira's friends and had a blast driving all over Baltimore. We went to the American Visionary Museum, which houses an extensive colection of folk, outsider and just plain batshit crazy art. Lots of fun.

I spent today runing around getting my student ID, finding out that they don't sell the MLS books at the cheepo book store off campass oly at the really expensive store on campus and getting a parking tag so my car won't be towed away and I won't be stuck inside the beltway that close to DC all alone and in the cold cold dark.

I'm having second thoughts about The Black Doll. I'm thinking I should not have been so eager to post it. I'm thinking it needs a lot fo work. Thanks to the American Viusionary Museum though, I have plenty of ideas for ways to improve the story. It calls for some considerable expansion but I think it will ultimately make it a better story and really, isn't that whaty it's all about?

If anyone has any thoughts on the matter, drop me an e-mail and let me know.


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