Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Where to Put my Dolls

Iíve finally finished The Black Doll, my short story about a young girlís touching relationship with a demonically possessed Doll of ancient origin. Itís a coming of age story. The problem is itís a little too long, coming in currently at just over 10,500 words, roughly 47 pages. I need to do a little checking around but Iím pretty sure Iíd have to cut about 2500 words in order to get it down to a publishable length. But I donít see loosing more than 500 words, tops. So perhaps Iíll post it here for the enjoyment of the three or four people who read this blog with any regularity.

Iím actually thinking of going in the direction of self publishing, in which case I might do The Black Doll as a small 48 page book, maybe with an illustration or two and sell it here on the site, and shop it around to publishers.

Youíve got to be creative these days to get noticed. I mean, Iíve been following the rules, sending out the submissions and the query letters to agents and publishers but the unanimous response Iíve gotten thus far is, ìYou arenít a best selling author therefore weíre not even going to reads your MS because it wonít make us oodles of cash money, yo. So fuck off.î

OK, they didnít say, yo. But generally thatís the response Iíve gotten.

And the thing is, I donít want to be a best selling author. Honestly, I donít. Too much of a hassle. Iíd be happy if there were just a dozen or so people out there besides my family and friends who read my stories and got some enjoyment out of them. So maybe Iíll start a little self-publishing revolution and teach those Capitalist Pigs who are ruining the Publishing Industry a lesson.

Yeah, Iím sure thatís just what will happen.


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