Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Congratulations! We've Never heard of You

On top of all my school work, I'm trying to smooth out the last few wrinkles in my submission letter. Hopefully, this time I'll be able to attract some attention from an agent or publisher instead of just another vague form-rejection letter.

This is the hard part of writing.

It's not that the rejection letters I've received thus far have been negative. It's that they've been neutral and impersonal. I'd almost prefer to read, "You must be kidding if you think this is publishable. Instead of sending your MS back I've decided to save the world the misery induced by your writing and have burned it. Enclosed you will find the ashes. Fuck you very much."

This would at least mean they read the sample chapters.

But instead I get vague responses of, "We're not interested in your work at this time." Does that mean try again later? Keep trying, just not here? What?

The most aggravating rejection letter so far was the one that said they weren't interested in even reading my MS because I wasn't a best selling author and thus would not make them lots and lots of money but if I happened to become a best selling author they'd be happy to look over my next MS. Sort of that whole publishing catch-22: We won't be your agent because you aren't already published but you can't get published without an agent.

The indie publishers I've sent queries to, the ones who don't require agented middlemen, haven't bothered to write back at all.

But am I discouraged? Yeah, slightly. But I press on, just the same.


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