Monday, October 06, 2003

A Classic, Reborn

Edward Gorey's The Willowdale Handcart: Or the Return of the Black Doll has just been reissued.

And speaking of the Black Doll (the title, by the way, is no coincidence, the story was inspired by Gorey) I'm in the final stages of rewrite. Just one more scene to finish. I should have it done and posted in time for Halloween. it's undergone some considerable change, for one thing, it's only about as half as long as it was originally, which means its an actual short short story not some blathering exegesis that is short only in comparison to say, Lord of the Rings.

I think it's working much better this way, which just proves that sometimes the best thing to do is to abandon a story for a little while, get totaly sick of it and then one day come back and just hack it to pieces, as one would an overgrown rosebush.

I've also received some positive feedback concerning my Storytime pieces so perhaps I'll have some new Flash fiction up in the near future as well.


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