Monday, October 20, 2003

The Price of Filling the World With Wonder

Jesse Popp, guest blogging for Neal Pollock informs us that David Blaine who gets out of his box tonight after 44 days won't be able to have sex for three more days:

MAGICIAN David Blaine has been banned from having sex during his first three days of freedom - because it could kill him.

The food-starved illusionist will leave his glass box tonight after his 44-day stunt.

But medics have told him that he could suffer a fatal heart attack if he has sex with girlfriend Manon von Gerkan before Thursday.

A Blaine team insider said: "The first three days are crucial because the body is so weak and lacking in energy. We've been taking lots of medical advice and we've been told that, although he may feel fine when he first comes out, the smallest thing could kill him.

"That includes eating the wrong thing or too much physical exertion, especially sex.

"I'd hate to be the person who tells him that as he's been for 44 days without even touching his girlfriend, who is stunning."

Blaine, who has lost nearly three stone from his 14 stone frame, will be taken straight to hospital after leaving the box at Tower Bridge, London, at 9.30 this evening. Ambulances will take him to an undisclosed private hospital for tests.

The 30-year-old will also be fed a special diet to replace a lack of salts in his body, possibly through a nasal tube. He will be fed a formula consisting of 42 per cent dried skimmed milk, 32 per cent edible oil, and 25 per cent sucrose, plus vitamin and mineral supplements.

And that's not even the worst news for Mr. Blaine.

Personally, I'm at a loss for this latest trick of his. I got the being buried alive for three days trick. And being frozen in ice. I even understood his whole standing for thirty days on a pillar. These are nothing compared with his more subtle and mind blowing street magic but hay, a magician's gotta eat and sponsors pay big to be the ones to show someone doing something screwed up and potentially fatal. I hope he goes back to card tricks and resurrecting pigeons soon.


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