Friday, October 10, 2003

Storytime, Part 5

The Gypsy Box

In Memory of Edward Gorey and Prague

That Easter, Misha forgot to hold his mothers hand. He looked but could not find her in a shop that sold Bohemian glass and baubles. He found the National Museum completely empty, as well.

At Kalletti Station he discovered that all the trains were running behind schedule and the baker was out of strudel.

From the Old Clock Tower, a mysterious man saw everything that happened through an antique telescope...

Turning down Golden Lane, Misha spotted the ghost of a forgotten alchemist who pointed at the sky and muttered.

Clouds cast their shadows over the city of Prague.

Meanwhile, a replica of Kafkaís hat was for sale in a nearby shop window.

Misha found a paper clip on Charles Bridge that reminded him of his motherís cooking.

Later he was handed an advertisement for a performance of fugues at St.Vitus Cathedral but he didn't know the way. Luckily there was an old man selling reliquaries on the corner who gave him directions.

Misha took a wrong turning though and ended up at the Indian Ambassadorís residence just as tea was being served.

When he finally arrived at St. Vitus Cathedral, he found that the performance had already been played three days prior.

Just then a gaggle of Rabbis runs past carrying between them something heavy and reaking of river clay, shrouded under a linen veil.

Misha spent his last crown on a seat at an extraordinary puppet show during which something amazing happened.

Afterwards, Misha went to catch a Tram but the Tram driver did not stop.

Backstage, one of the puppeteers was found strangled.

On the Vltava River, an elderly Babushka fed communist secrets written on pieces of moldy bread to the ducks. Then it began to snow in the Old Quarter, which made it hard to hear what a taxi driver was saying on Pravda Street.

In Wenceslas Square, a Gypsy girl offered Misha a box, which he took gladly. Inside was something he was not looking for.

The mysterious man in the clock tower looked away for a moment to cough. When he turned back around, everything had changed.


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