Friday, October 03, 2003


A Fish Story

Just before dawn at the Seafood market a fishmonger named Alfonso Dragnet is startled when a carp to be made into gefilte fish mutters, ìNo Good can come of this,î and, ìBeware of men with mustaches!î

Mr. Dragnet falls into a stack of slimy packing crates, stumbles to his feet and runs to the shop entrance where he grabs the sleeve of the shopís owner, Mr. Gregor Hamfist.

ìThe fish... It, it talks!î Alfonso whispers.

Mr. Hamfist, accustomed to Mr. Dragnetís practical jokes, raises a skeptical eyebrow but accompanies the spooked fishmonger into the back to see for himself.

The carp swivels its watery eye up at both men and says, ìCan I have a glass of water?î

In a fit, Mr. Hamfist grabs a cleaver from the chopping block. Whack! The fishís head flies into the gutter.

The fish is later sold to Mrs. Rosario Waddle, a nice old grandmother who serves it that night to her family, boiled in a fine soup, with a little tarragon sprinkled on top.


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