Friday, October 03, 2003

Weekend Political Roundup

So what a week for us pinko commie liberals or what?

    1. The Yellowcake Scandal
    2. Rush's Racist Remarks
    3. Rush's Pill scandal
    4. Arnold a Hitler Loving Groper

First let me say I do not take pleasure in the misfortune of others. That's just mean.


1. When the President undermines National Security by allowing a member of his chief of staff to leak the identity of an undercover CIA Agent and not rush to clean up the mess but just dismiss it as no big deal, it makes me mad. And when I get mad, I do not wish the provocateur of my ire any good will. This is approximately the millionth scandal to turn its bloodshot eye on Bush but he's not sticking his head in the sand and letting this one pass on by. No Sir. Write your Congressperson and senator and demand an independent Counsel. If it was good enough to investigate a blow job, it's good enough to investigate potential Treason.

2. And Rush deserves to be fired from ESPN because he's a big idiot.

3. And Rush, well he's an idiot. I think I mentioned this. And if he does have a pill problem (with Hillbilly heroin, no less!) he should get help for his problem and perhaps reevaluate his pinheaded position on our country's draconian drug laws. On second thought, maybe prison would be good for him after all.

4. As for Arnie, when it comes down to that either he's a habitual liar or a closet Nazi who likes to molest women, is either a quality you want in a leader? This is not the man who should be governing a spelling bee (seriously, with that poor a grasp of English?) let alone a whole frickin state! For any of my friends in LA reading this, you'd better be voting No on Recall, Yes on Bustemante or we're going to have some problems.


On the bookish front, I hope everyone's enjoying storytime. I've been fascinated by Flash Fiction for some time and if you like my humble efforts today, you'll love tomorrow's little gem. In the meantime, check out Barry Yourgrau (his link is over on the right, under fiction) he's the hands down master of the flash fiction genre. I hope to have more such pieces up in the future but until then, read the first three chapters of my novel.


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