Monday, November 10, 2003

I've Been to East Molesey and No Sheep is truly Safe There

Neil Gaiman has the goods on the Prince Charles scandal. Maybe. It's a fascinating situation that the British libel and slander laws have created. Every reporter in England, plus their Shropshire Sheepdog knows what the Prince of Whales did or didn't do. But they can't say it outright. So they elude. Insinuate. Some might say, titillate?

From an Information Use perspective, this is a nightmare. How can anyone be expected to make any sort of meanignful reference the the events without obfuscating the known variables further? I certainly pity my counterparts in the British Library System. Is 'Naughty Prince' a Boolean descriptor in the Eric Thesaurus or would that be a Natural Language search?

The questions are endless.


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