Monday, November 17, 2003

Monkey House Politics, Again

Over at Eschaton they're arguing about the economic pros and cons of Bush's recent bid to bribe American based Multinational Corporations to send British Jobs to the US, once again, proving that Bush never hesitates to lean our allies over the most convenient chair and bugger them silly, all the while shouting, "How's that for a stimulated economy, bitch! Yeah! I'm from Texas! My daddy baught me the Presidency when what I really wanted was a pony! Yehaw!" And so forth.

Also, Mustang Bobby discusses the Infamous Feith Memo which some Neocons are waving in the face of Liberal AntiWar skeptics saying, "Nanny Nanny Boo Boo! We were right and you were wrong!" Except that the memo is practically a shopping list of bad Intel, already debunked pipe dreams and hearsay. If this is the best "proof" they can give us, I'd hate to see their lies... Oh, wait... That's right the whole iraq debacle is based on one Big and several smaller but equally poisonous lies.

Meanwhile, Margaret Cho made us all a mix tape.


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