Sunday, November 16, 2003

President Bush Invades Visits England

It seems the Queen Mum was none to pleased at President Bush's request for additional security at Buckingham Palace and various other London environs.

Perhaps Queen Elizabeth took his requests, which included, "rebuilding part of the palace to blast-proof it and having a heavily armed Black Hawk helicopter hovering overhead," a bit personal. I guess she doesn't like it when foreign dignitaries insinuate that HER FRICKIN CASTLE isn't secure enough.

Britain has been placed on its second-highest state of alert, coded ``severe general''.

Which makes me wonder, why? They apparently haven't had any threats (other than the veiled ones that come from Bush and his staff every time they open their mouths) so what is with the heightened security? Maybe Bush was flipping through the channels one day and caught the tail end of the History Channel showing a documentary about the Blitz. It's OK, George, the Nazis haven't dropped any bombs on London recently. You don't need all the artillery, which includes:

    150 National Security Advisors
    250 Secret Service Agents
    200 representatives from other US Departments
    50 White House Political Aids
    15 sniffer dog teams
    Personal Chef and his team of 4 cooks
    two identical Boeing 747s
    Sikorsky Sea King helicopter
    The aforementioned Blackhawk
    And two identical motorcades of 20 armored vehicles, including limousine

And you thought your wife packed too much for that trip to London last spring.

The British public don't seem to happy about Bush or his numerous security requests, which include shutting down part of the Tube, creating "Free Speech Zones" (just like the ones he has back home, you know, so he doesn't get homesick)and roof-top snipers:

The You Gov survey found just seven per cent of people believed he was a good leader, while almost 40 per cent said he was ``stupid''.


Up to 100,000 protesters are expected to converge on Trafalgar Square as the Queen and Prince Philip greet Bush at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday.

Via Hesiod at Counterspin Central.


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