Tuesday, December 30, 2003

By the Book

I'm in Texas visiting the in-laws and the big lotto is up to $155 million. So were thinking of picking some numbers and throwing in as a family for a ticket. My sister in-law, who is a sergeant in the Army and due to ship out to Iraq in March told me of an interesting occurrence a few months ago: A couple of GIs home on R&R from Iraq decide to buy a lotto ticket. They win several million dollars apiece and are rewarded instantly with honorable discharge. That's right. Honorable Discharge.

Apparently, there's a little known clause in the Army that if you inherit or win over a certain amount of money, you go home. We all suspected it but now we have proof: only the poor are fit to die for Haliburton's no bid contracts. The rich are too good to die for their country.

So all you GIs out there, go buy yourself a lotto ticket. It just might save your life. (And if you think the odds are against you just remember that they are better than W or anyone in Bushco coming to their senses).


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