Sunday, December 14, 2003

Saddam's Bottomless Hole

Iím sure by now everyone has heard the news: Saddam Hussein is in custody. For further details, in case you havenít been inundated yet, see, well pretty much anywhere but check out Dohiyi Mir and Bark Bark Woof Woof for some sparkling coverage.

Whatís surprising is that heís alive. Unlike his two sons, he wasnít gunned down by an entire regiment of marines with tanks and Blackhawk helicopters with rockets, but plucked from a spider hole in the basement of a house in a town outside of Tikrit.

Iím sure Bushco. Will rectify this little oversight very soon.

Now, I;m not saying theyíll have him rubbed out or anything so conspiratorial. No, heíll simply have an accident or succumb to health problems due to his six months of fugitive living. Heís an elderly man after all. Bones break easily, especially malnourished bones that have already been put under the stress of climbing in and out of a hole.

Perhaps Iím being cynical but Hussein knows too much about our countryís past shady dealings with Bush the Elder, Ramrod Rumsfeld and Saint Reagan. And if say, Hussein were to spill his guts about the nerve gas we sold him in the eighties or how we turned a blind eye while he used said nerve gas on the Kurds, it would be damaging to the Bush/ Cheney campaign to continue occupying the White House.

Now, personally I want to see Hussein stand trial. The Iraqi people deserve to see justice for the crimes this man has committed against them. And the American people deserve to hear what nefarious backdoor dealings our own Tinhorn Dictators have had their oil slick hands in. But Iím, not holding my breath for that one. Weíd have to have a functional media and legal system that isnít built for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful.

Maybe our British friends will be able to tell us what happens at the Hussein trial. If he lives that long.

(And if you think I'm being cynical, you should see what Ayn Clouter has to say on th ematter).


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