Thursday, January 15, 2004

Candidate Not-the-Mindkiller

Amb. Carol Moseley Braun was on the Daily Show last night and in the span of about two minutes, referenced Star Trek and quoted from Dune (she said that "Fear is the Mindkiller" while speaking, in a roundabout manner, about Bush's use of fear as a tool for influencing the people). She also was intelligent, clear minded and had a definite progressive attitude and a willingness to do the work needed to spread peace and prosperity.

She hasn't got a proverbial snowballs chance in winning the nomination.

And not because she's black, or a woman. Frankly, I'd vote for her, even if she wasn't running against Herr Bush and the Patriot Gang. But she'll get smeared as being all squishy soft and womanly on Security and Defense and so will be seen as week instead of how she actually is, which is progressive, literate and honest.

Personally, I'd like to see a candidate for president who has taken the progressive attitudes of Star Trek and the great Utopian sci-fi stories to heart. I think that's a good way to get us into a prosperous future, by embracing idealism and tempering it with judicious thiking and compassion for our fellow mankind. Sadly, it is unlikely that will happen anytime within the next eight to twelve years though. And especially so long as Bush is in office, we're all stuck in the Black Iron Prison. Help us, Arumcheck!


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