Friday, January 02, 2004

The Longest Day, Ever

On New years Eve, the wife and I went to a club with my sister-in-law to celebrate the new year. We had a blast! They played just the right balance of Goth, Eighties, and Industrial and we danced like their was no tomorrow. After a quick shower and change of clothes, we zoomed to the airport to catch our flight from San Antonio back to Savannah, with a quick layover in Memphis. Our second plane had only six people on it, seven if you include the Rudest Stewardess in the World.

Apparently our original stewardess was out partying, and didn't show up so they had to call in a backup, which delayed our flight by about thirty minutes. As tired as we were, Elvira and I didn't care. But boy did the Stewardess. She didn't bother to do the safety instructions, just told us to read the little card and ask her if we had any questions (we didn't especially mind this as by now I think the airplane safety and crash instructions have entered the Human Unconscious. Soon, babies will be born with an innate ability to use their chair cushions as flotation devices). But when it came time for her to hand out the drinks, she didn't even smile and ask, just leaned over and gave each of us a look that said, "What the fuck do you want now?!"

"Uh, Water, please."

Anyway, after 40 hours awake with only quick snoozes on the plane and a short nap once we got home, plus foraging for food in a city where every restaurant owner took the day off and seeing a great movie (if you get a chance, go see In America) the Longest Day Ever ended in a sleepy blur. My wife and I agreed that, while we had a lot of fun, we've gotten a little too old to do the dance-all-night-and-then-function-on-zero-sleep thing. Next year, we're making sure to buy seats on a plane that leaves later in the day. Or maybe the day after New Years Day.


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