Friday, January 30, 2004

Our President from a Hole in the Ground

As usual, Paul Krugman concisely says what we're all thinking:

Surely even supporters of the Iraq war must be dismayed by the administration's reaction to David Kay's recent statements. Iraq, he now admits, didn't have W.M.D., or even active programs to produce such weapons. Those much-ridiculed U.N. inspectors were right. (But Hans Blix appears to have gone down the memory hole. On Tuesday Mr. Bush declared that the war was justified "under U.N. Resolution 1441, no less" because Saddam "did not let us in.")

So where are the apologies? Where are the resignations? Where is the investigation of this intelligence debacle? All we have is bluster from Dick Cheney, evasive W.M.D.-related-program-activity language from Mr. Bush and a determined effort to prevent an independent inquiry.

True, Mr. Kay still claims that this was a pure intelligence failure. I don't buy it: the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has issued a damning report on how the threat from Iraq was hyped, and former officials warned of politicized intelligence during the war buildup. (Yes, the Hutton report gave Tony Blair a clean bill of health, but many people including a majority of the British public, according to polls regard that report as a whitewash.)

In any case, the point is that a grave mistake was made, and America's credibility has been badly damaged and nobody is being held accountable. But that's standard operating procedure. As far as I can tell, nobody in the Bush administration has ever paid a price for being wrong. Instead, people are severely punished for telling inconvenient truths. And administration officials have consistently sought to freeze out, undermine or intimidate anyone who might try to check up on their performance.

So let's recap:

President Clinton lied abut a blowjob, which hurt his wfeelingsalings and resulted in a drawn out bout of dirty politics culminating in a porno novel called the Star Report and impeachment proceedings only the second time in US history this penalty has ever been used. For a blowjob.

President Bush lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction, which resulted in the deaths of 500+ US soldiers, hundreds of coalition soldiers and uncounted tens of thousands of Iraqis, yet he's been given a pass by the media, and has not even offered a lame excuse for how or why he lied. About a war.

War or Blowjob: which of these two activities is a matter of National Security with geopolitical implications that are far reaching andjeopardizepordize our standing in the international community and which is an inaproriate personal matter best handled in private? Not a hard question. Yet for some reason, our media watchdogs aren't interested in even entertaining the idea that our current president is ncompassionatesionate, nor even competent but in fmiserableserable failure putting the safety of our country at stake, all so his corporate buddies can make a fast buck.

I'd like to think that this travesty of justice will one day be rectified. But I'm not holding my breath. I've lived in the US my whole life and I know how our legal system works. Bush is rich, with rich friends in high places. He won't be impeached and probably won't be chastized for his deadly lies. Instead, he'll very likely be rewarded for his failure and reapointed as our leader.

This is George W. Bush's America. If it weren't for the lack of togas and orgies, we'd hardly be able to tell it from Caligula's Rome.

Update: edited to remove alien signals and add an orgy.


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