Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Running in Circles

I swear I'll be blogging again soon. It's just been a busy couple of days, what with settling in to the new job and finishing up a paper for a professor so he'll let me pass a course. (By the way, thanks to all my Liberal Coalition pals for helping me out with the Q&A session. You were all Very Helpful!).

I haven't been posting much on the Caucus in Iowa for two reasons: 1) everyone else is, and doing a mighty fine job so I'd just be linking you to their sites and going, "Yeah, what they said," and 2) I don't actually know quite how the Caucus process works. I hear the word Caucus and all I can picture is a bunch of animals running around in a circle, gibbering nonsense and tormenting little girls (and from what I do know about the Caucus process, this isn't really that far from the truth...)

So soon, the Librarian will return. And I'll be collecting all my overdue fines, just you wait and see.


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