Monday, January 05, 2004

The Secret Name of Things

Listen all you Democrats and Independents, all you week kneed liberals suffering for a sign; all you angry homos and wonton harlots; All you polibloggers, pundits, digital dream smokers; all you pixies, witches and suicide girls; all you black flag waversñ Listen:

Humanity has always invested heavily in any scheme that offers escape from the body. And why not? Material reality is such a mess. Some of the earliest "religious" artefacts, such as Neanderthal ochre burials, already suggest a belief in immortality. All modern (i.e. post-paleolithic) religions contain the "Gnostic trace" of distrust or even outright hostility to the body and the "created" world.

~Hakim Bey, The Information War

It is this ìGnostic traceî that guides our current regime in Washington D.C. So befuddled by the religious rhetoric of Spirit over Body are our leaders, that they threaten to kill us all. In order to save our souls, of course. What Bey calls the Gnostoc trace is the long and supremely held belief in one Big Lie: that there is a separation between body and soul. Well Iím here to say, there ainít no such thing.

They are one and the same thing. We are whole beings already. Undeliniated. Uncleaved. The lie that there is some glowing ball of light, somewhere in our gut that is from another planet where they donít sit down to take a crap (or even take a crap at all); the lie that says that once we die, that little ball of pure white, non-crapping, non-fornicating light will drift up into the sky and return to the cosmic fun house where it came fromñ Donít believe it. I donít know what happens when we die, or where we go when weíre through feeding worms and rotting in the ground. But if fairy tales about invisible Sky Fairies and Red Faced Boogie Men are the best thing they can offer, then I say shut the fuck up. Iíd rather go no place and be nothing forever after than spend the rest of eternity in church. The fact of the matter is this: Once you believe that whopper about heaven and hell and living in a fallen world full of sin, youíll believe any old thing they tell you, because every other lie, from the one about the ìEvil Doersî over There in that cold, foreign and dirty land to the ìFaith Based Public Worksî are all based on that first big Lie. The one even they believe.

But who cares? It's all "relative" isn't it? I guess we'll just have to "evolve" beyond the body. Maybe we can do it in a "quantum leap." Meanwhile the excessive mediation of the Social, which is carried out through the machinery of the Media, increases the intensity of our alienation from the body by fixating the flow of attention on information rather than direct experience. In this sense the Media serves a religious or priestly role, appearing to offer us a way out of the body by re-defining spirit as information.

Shrub a Dub wants to be totally, intimately and carnaly aware of your Information. He wants to lick you up and down with his electronic eyeballs, to measure your soul-weight and body-surface and know your secret body-soul desires. He and uber lawgiver Crisco Johnny love the Big Lie. It gets them off and gives them your power, your vote. And if you think they wonít scare you into giving up your power-vote to them by shaking monkey masks and terror juju sticks come next fall, think again. Fear is their tool, just like lies and war and prison death camp violence. All violence is a sin against the body-soul. I may not believe in God but that one commandment, He got right.

Now, while there is no separation between body and soul, there should always be a separation between Church and State. While these convenient social fictions (Church and State are nothing more than ideas that we have all unconsciously agreed to believe in for the sake of Civilization), they can be seen as manifestations of Body (State) and soul (Church). They shouldnít be but often are. State and the Church are just further abstractions, meta-ideas created to give some tactile reality to an idea that must be conveyed, from mind to mind like some mental virus (a meme, in Info jargon). For if not conveyed, the idea disappears. The gods only exist so long as there is one person who believes in them. Stop believing in the gods and they die. Likewise, stop believing in the dirty memes that say your spirit is not your body and you no longer are complacent. When you arenít complacent you become nervous. Suspicious of those in power.

Hay, what are they doing to the environment? My body-soul has to live here! Quit dumping all that shit into the sky, motherfucker!! Thatís my sky! My river! Stop telling me what I canít put in my body-soul! That burning herb makes me glow from the inside out and if I want to glow all night long, to giggle and bark at the moon, thatís none of your business, so long as I show up for work on time and punch your fucking clock, earn my minimum wage, what do you care if I get high on the weekends? If I choose to dress up in fishnet stockings and all shiny beetle black leather, to dance and dream about love and death on a Saturday night and call it my religion, whatís it to you?

As you read these words, the Information Age explodes ... inside and around you - with the Misinformation Missiles and Propaganda bombs of outright Information Warfare.


Wake up. The powers that be are lying to you. Not just about your body-soul but about the sacredness of your world-temple and your scripture-freedom.

ìOh you donít need all those trees and all that free space to move around and dance and sing in. let us take it for a while, abuse it for a bit. Weíll give you the illusion of safety and some pretty speeches about a bunch of shit you donít understand because weíve made all your gods into demons and talked them to death already.î

~ George W. Bush (translated via Secret Decoder Table I found in Poor Richardís Almanac)

Get nervous when you hear them lie. Then get angry. Then protest and rant and rave. Especially rave. Jump up and down and holler like youíve got spiders walking up your buttcrack. Jive all the way to New York next September. That will be our big rave. A party in the streets. Just because theyíre calling it the Republican National Convention doesnít mean itís all black ties and armbands. They call our love-making a sin, so what do they know about the secret name of things?

Traditionally, war has been fought for territory/economic gain. Information Wars are fought for the acquisition of territory indigenous to the Information Age, i.e. the human mind itself ... In particular, it is the faculty of the imagination that is under the direct threat of extinction from the onslaughts of multi-media overload ... DANGER - YOUR IMAGINATION MAY NOT BE YOUR OWN ... As a culture sophisticates, it deepens its reliance on its images, icons and symbols as a way of defining itself and communicating with other cultures. As the accumulating mix of a culture's images floats around in its collective psyche, certain isomorphic icons coalesce to produce and to project an "illusion" of reality. Fads, fashions, artistic trends. U KNOW THE SCORE. "I can take their images for reality because I believe in the reality of their images (their image of reality)." WHOEVER CONTROLS THE METAPHOR GOVERNS THE MIND. The conditions of total saturation are slowly being realized - a creeping paralysis - from the trivialisation of special/technical knowledge to the specialization of trivia. The INFORMATION WAR is a war we cannot afford to lose. The result is unimaginable.

~Information War

There, in the streets of New York Cityñ our holiest place, our Sodom-Gomorrah-Babylon-Jerusalem, weíll dance and shake our body-souls, and let them know: we arenít afraid. We arenít nervous. Weíre angry. And we arenít buying their lies anymore.

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