Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Signals Through the Distant Void

Over at the Gamer's Nook we find startling evidence of Life on Mars!

OK, not really. But it's a fun bit of humor inspired by the Spirit Mission and based on what, just a hundred years ago, people really did think we would find on Mars. Back then we assumed that, because every inch of the Earth is inhabited by strange and exotic species, that likewise, every inch of the solar system would be as well. It's a nice bit of Edwardian parsimony, if a bit naive this late in the day. But just such startling notions gave rise to some of the greatest works of imaginative literature ever so it isn't a complete loss. But alas, it just is not true. Which is not to say that we won't find life out there eventually. I for one, think we will and soon. Heck, we may even find residual evidence of life on Mars but it certainly won't be the fecund Red Planet we dreamed it to be a hundred years ago. It might however, give us a sign of what to look out for, and anything that gives us incite in to how to prevent the Earth from becoming a deserted ball that some other species sends robots to study for signs of life one day in the future, the better.


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