Saturday, January 17, 2004

Something Under the Bed is Drooling*

I was just over at Eschaton and boy howdy, are the comments knee deep in trolls! Fellow LC member Jesse over at Gotham City 13 seems to have a few Friends of Rumpelstilskin hanging out under his posts as well.

I'm fascinated by trolls. Their activity can almost be predicted according to the waxing and waning of scandals swarming around Bushco with peek trolling (and troll baiting, let's be honest) occurring just after a whopper breaks. Like the O'Neal thing. When some Neocon makes a gaffe, it must just twist their nipples to know that their boys have only a very tenuous grasp of power and that if they were to slip just a little, they might be able to be pushed off the hill and then we'd have a new king.

Now as for troll baiting, I have to admit, I'm a notoriously argumentative blogger. I like to pick apart faulty syllogisms and poke holes in wonky lines of reasoning. (I also enjoy shooting fish in a barrel and am partial to searching for needles in haystacks. A guy's gotta have hobbies).

But it does get tiring, brow-beating Republican lickspittles. Kinda makes me glad I'm not so popular, as high troll traffic would make it notoriously hard for me to keep things nice and quiet around here (it is a Library, after all). Though I wouldn't mind a few comments about my book...

*My apologies to Bill Watterson for the blatant plagiarism.


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