Friday, January 23, 2004

What, Me Cynical?

I haven't blogged about the State of the Union Address for the simple fact that it's all a bunch of fucking lies. For an assortment of solid, thoughtful and spot-on refutations of these lies, close your eyes and click at random on the blogroll. Bush has been called out on his spineless array of fibs, distortions, half truths mischaracterizations and thinly veiled politically motivated myths by everybody and their dog, too (and in far more even handed language that I could ever muster).

OK, yeah, I'm pissed. And I know, it's not like Bush hasn't lied to us in the past (see anytime the bastard's opened his mouth, ever, or just last year's SOTU, if you want to refresh your memory of things Bush didn't do) so why am I so hot over this particular speech?

I think I've hit my limit of lies. I'm full up to my eyeballs with them. And there's some whoppers, on everything from the environment ("Global Warming? Never heard of it!") to his on-going march to hand the keys to the treasury over to his corporate buddies while pretending he's cutting taxes. I've simply had enough. So all the civility has left me, at least in regards to the son of a bitch occupying the White House and his army of turd munching fascists.

If you're reading this and agreeing with even half of the invective I have, you owe it to yourself to vote Democrat in November. Whatever your real political leanings, however radical or anti-establishment you are, just fucking vote for whomever the Democrats nominate. It's the only reasonable way to get this fucker out of office before he kills half of us in some ridiculous war and sells the rest to Corporate America as slaves.


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