Sunday, February 29, 2004

Cosmonaut Rick Reports from the Mothership

What our dear friend Rick "Stop humping my leg! Ok, you can hump a little longer..." Santorum said on the 700 Club:

[T]he consequence is very clear. Marriage loses its significance. People will stop getting married. Homosexuals will not get married; heterosexuals will stop getting married. And that to me is the real threat to the American family and to the culture generally.

That's some ironclad logic there, Rick: if gays get married than they won't get married. He's not only licked the toad, he's started reading Quantum Physics texts.

Next he'll describe how in a parallell universe, where homosexuality is the norm, it will be straits who are demanding the right to marry, and theparallell Rick Santorum will be in favor of that, ergo, in this universe, our Rick Santorum is actually a hip progressive activist fighting for marriage rights for downtrodden heteros.Makess perfect sense.


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