Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Curious E-Mail of the Day

I received an e-mail just now from the proprietor of The- Insight.com asking for permission to add The Invisible Library to their directory under the heading "Religion/Christianity/Catholicism." I found this odd. As regular readers already know, I'm an outspoken atheist. Also, the primary mission of this Blog is to bitch and moan about books, writing, Library issues and free speech. Occasionally I rant about how much I loathe Organized Religion specifically and consider Religion in general to be a hold over from Bronze Age superstitions, best discarded and soon.

Baffled, I sent an e-mail politely informing said proprietor of this fact, thanking him for expressing interest and suggesting that perhaps my site would be better categorized under Political Commentary or Arts. Then I went and had a look at the site (link above).

I'm curious to know how I came to the attention of a group compiling web links as a resource for Christians. Did they even read any of my posts or simply spider my text for religious words? Now, I'd be more than happy to have my site linked to by them but I feel it would be better (or at the very least, more intellectually honest) if it were under the heading "Anti-Religious Agitators/Freethinkers/Lost Souls," a category they, alas, do not have but probably should. For the sake of balance.


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