Saturday, February 21, 2004

Ideological Purge

PinkDreamPoppies over at Alas, a Blog is in the midst of a Great Purge of all Microsoft software from her computer. I have been contemplating a similar purge for about four months now.

Doing a quick assessment of my hard drive, I find that the only MS proprietary software on it is Internet Explorer and MS Office. I never use IE (I have a Powerbook G4 from Apple which uses Safari as its primary browser. Being a Mac user is what also makes it easier for me to consider ditching MS entirely) So I could dump IE five minutes ago which would only leave the Office Suite. This I would need to replace as I use Word for all of my writing. Luckily the newest version of AppleWorks is crossplatform and can easily read my word files as well as generate RTFs and PDFs.

Soon I shall purchase Appleworks, which would then only leave my hotmail account as the last lone MS application I use. Any suggestions from the computer savvy folk out there in the blogosphere as to which free e-mail service I should convert to?

Update: I just did a search of my hard drive for any Microsoft Applications. I expected to find the various office apps, and did but I also found something unexpected called the Microsoft Database Daemon. The weird thing is, when I looked at the path to see where this app was located it wasn't visible. The path went: harddrive/Microsoft Office X/Office/Microsoft Database Daemon. But when I went to check in the Office folder, it listed everything else int here, but the Database Daemon. A quick Google Search revealed that the MDD is some sort of database managing program that is always on, even when all MS applications are closed. I don't know about you but I'm not too pleased about the idea that some MS app is creeping around unseen, managing databases without me ever even knowing it's there. One more reason to go MS free.

Update2: IE now rests in a shallow grave in my garden. Next years tomatoes should be big and juicy.

Update3: I have done away with my Hotmail account and started a new Yahoo account specifically for the blog. It's linked on the sidebar but in case you're too lazy to swivel your eyes over there, it's

Update 4: My backup browser is now Mozilla Camino. Damn is it fast!


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