Thursday, February 05, 2004

Stuffing the Ballot Box

Not satisfied with the wide open field of wealthy white men (and Al Sharpton) running for president, Norbizness over at Elated Hairy Pumpkin Discotheque and Chandelier Installation Services has posted his alternative write in candidates: George Carlin and Chuck D. Not bad. I'd vote for 'em.

Norbizness insinuates that, by living in Texas, he might as well have fun writing in candidates as the electoral votes will all be going Red anyway. I'm in a similar bind as I live in Georgia (or at least vote there for now). Like Texans, every redneck in Georgia will be voting Bush/ Cheney, hoping to be one of the lucky ones who get that trickle down money. I think they confuse voting with playing the lottery. Either way, far too many people in far to many states will be lining up for their turn to get pissed on by George W. Bush. The sad thing is, they'll call it champagne and beg for more.

If you too live in a Red State, who would you write in?

Currently, I'm leaning towards Margaret Cho and Robert Anton Wilson. [Update1: Mustang Bobby has reminded my of the one true candidate, who supercedes all others: Teddy the Wonder Lizard.]

Leave your suggestions in the ballot box and fear not! Unlike those Dibold machines, my blog is auditable.

P.S. Whomever makes the best suggestion gets to be Secretary of Agriculture.

Update2:Fnords smote.


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