Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Viva La Revolution!

The Purge is complete. I uploaded Appleworks 6 yesterday and deleted the Microsoft Office Suite, which now officially makes my computer Microsoft free*.

I've been doing other upgrades as well, such as moving from OS 10.2(.8) to OS 10.3,and loaded Dreamweaver MX, Adobe CS and about 10 gigs worth of new music to iTunes. I've even been fiddling with a bunch of pretty, new icons and desktop themes and now have the coolest computer on the block next to my wife's iMac, which has all the same software I just mentioned as well as an external hardrive that bumps her total storage capacity up to 220 gigs. That sounds like an awful lot but my wife is a photographer and so needs a lot of storage space for digital images. Though it does give one elbow room to ponder.

In 1969 we put three men on the moon with a couple of serial processors that took up a room the size of an apartment and were roughly a thousand times slower than my iPod, which fits in my pocket. Those giant supercomputers had a whopping 35 megs of total storage capacity. The future is a strange and ever expanding world. I'm glad I live here, rather than say in the fifteenth century.

*I still have a handful of fonts designed by Microsoft but it's unlikely that Comic Sans or Georgia Seriff will unexpectedly quit on me so they can stay.


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