Monday, April 12, 2004

Juicy Library Gossip

Actually, it's archives gossip but just as interesting. It seems that Archivist of the United States, John W. Carlin is being forced into retirement by Bush. This may not sound like a big deal however, it has some curious implications:

David Alsobrook is director of the Clinton Presidential Materials Project, the part of the National Archives and Records Administration overseeing Clinton's presidential records. Alsobrook, the former director of the Bush Library in Houston, is a candidate for the Clinton Library post.

Although the Clinton foundation is building the library, the National Archives takes control of all functions when the site opens to the public in November.[AP]

So Bush's appointee, Allan Weinstein, will get to decide what goes into Clinton's Library, not the guy who was appointed by Big Dog himself.

Oh, the juicy part: rumor around the campfire (my school is a stone's throw from DC so we hear all the fun Intel) is that the short list for Carlin's replacements included, at one time, Lynne Cheney. Because nothing says transparent political process like the wife of the Veep in charge of where the sworn enemy of House Bush's records end up.


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