Thursday, April 15, 2004

That Sexy, Rock and Roll-Librarian Lifestyle all the Kids are Digging These Days

I've been torn for some time between my calling as a Librarian and an equally strong desire to be a rock star. Now I learn I can be both:

When they[BlˆˆdHag] play live, Stratton and his colleagues, Sir Zachary Orgel, Dr JM McNulty and Ambassador Brent Carpenter, embrace the science-fiction life. Onstage they dress as sci-fi geeks, in thick glasses, short-sleeved shirts and ties. They throw paperbacks to the crowd. On a recent tour, enthuses Stratton, "I read a great book of stories by Alfred Bester and a book of Philip K Dick's letters and essays."

Metal and science fiction are a natural fit, Stratton believes. "We sing about SF and fantasy authors because of their direct connection to heavy metal in terms of borrowed names, titles, lyrics, art, themes and more. We want to make sure metalheads know the sources of inspiration for some of their favourite bands."

To that end, their album Necrotic Bibliophilia features 15 songs about their favourite SF authors, from William Gibson to HG Wells, of whom they sing: "Writers still swipe from your most famous books/Yet they forget the social satire of your later works." [Guradian]

Sci-fi geek metaheads on a literacy crusade; not your typical rockers but oh, do they live the lifestyle:

"Yes, we get the girls," emails Jake Stratton, aka Prof JB Stratton, the singer with the Seattle speed metal band BlˆˆdHag. "Several lady librarians have kept company with us. BlˆˆdHag don't make passes at girls who don't wear glasses. No specs, no sex."

Rock on! And make sure to return those books on time!

~Thanks to Jessa Crispin over at Bookslut for the link


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