Thursday, April 15, 2004

Why Must George Lucus Taunt Me So?

This time, it's by releasing Star Wars Episode III on May 19, 2005, the day after my twenty eighth birthday. He does it just to spite me. He knows that these films, at least the three watchable ones, are a cornerstone of my childhood, specifically because every freekin one of them was released on or around my birthday! He's basically saying, "Happy Birthday, Keith. Why don't you watch my crappy space opera?" Because they're shitty, you old coot, that's why! Because you've got too much money at your disposal and no one to reign you in, so every inane whim that pops into your head, ends up on the screen!! And by directing the prequels yourself, you've managed to preclude any artistry that might be had from your overwraught scripts by indulging your own cinimatic narcisism!!! Argh!!!!!


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