Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Dispatches from Iraq, Part 7

I just posted the next part of Christian's adventures in Iraq:

Baghdad - May 25, 2004

I received quite the response from my last e-mail! To begin with, I will clarify some of my positions so people can better understand where I'm coming from and the reasons for my decision to be a part of this effort. After all, generally the first response I received from my friends upon telling them of my plans was, "What? Are you crazy?"

Probably one of the more interesting facets of this venture are the motivations of its participants. We have all types here for all reasons. First, there are those who are here for the money. I know an engineer in his 70's who is working hard here to buy a an autopilot for his boat back home. Another wants to earn enough money to settle down as a cattle rancher in Indonesia.

Then there are the politicos. (I guess I might fall somewhat into this category.) One such guy is currently residing in the political wilderness after having resigned from a British cabinet post. For him, this is just a pause before he jumps back into domestic politics. For others like myself, this is a means to jumpstart an exciting career.

Then there are those who just enjoy the danger and excitement of the moment. This would include all the security firm contractors and some of the military personnel.

As for me, I signed up for a variety reasons. Career was an important factor as was money albeit to a lesser degree. Today, the factor I want to talk about is the idea of taking part in a great struggle.


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