Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Glory and War

The Guardian has an interesting article in which Noam Chomsky, Jonathan Schell, Howard Zinn and William Polk offer their suggestions on how the US can get out of Iraq. They all boil down to handing control over the UN.

Now, I've noticed there seems to be a huge amount of distrust among Americans in regards to the UN. I'm not sure exactly why this is. Some of the arguments I've heard are that they drag their feet on most issues, requiring reams of bureaucratic red tape to be unwound before they do anything. Usually i hear this argument from the Gung Ho types who follow the old John Wayne style of International politics: shoot first, ask questions later.

The fact is, the UN has to make sure they do things in the right order for the expressed purpose of maintaining transparency. Anyone at any time can look at the UN and see what they are doing. if they didn't do things this way, we'd have an international organization that was secretive, lacks oversight and is prone to manipulation by people of little conscience who desire to exert their power and privilege over others. Sound familiar? Like we need another BushCo. White House, only this one with the sort of global mandate and right to pee on poor people George, Dick and Rummy can only dream about.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the UN paranoids who think black helicopters and blue berets are going to take away our guns and chewing tabacco, and force the Anti-Christ, red horns and all, to be president of the world. This confabulation of Millennialism and ignorance is distressing (because of it’s so prevalence) but mostly just yokels letting their brains go as slack as their jaws.

So, yeah, I agree with Chomsky, Schell, Zinn and Polk: the only way to get out of this mess in a way that won’t incite an Iraqi civil war and just might salvage our reputation with our former allies is to let the UN steward iraq. But since that’s capitulating to the One World Government Beurocracy, which upsets all those Nascar Dads, who might, unfortunately vote to keep their favorite Bubba in office 9just to spite us terrorist loving liberals) it’s unlikely to happen any time soon. So, get used to more beatings, beheadings and body bags. That’s what this war is all about, now: sadism for the sake of national honor.


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