Saturday, June 26, 2004

Cogs and Widgets

A few real quick items (my shortened summer session class is a huge time sucker right now, so posting will be sparse until after the Fourth):

  1. By some fluke of Blogger, Kevin's most recent post was retroactively published on Monday, despite him having not hit the button to do so until yesterday. So, travel back in time a whole five days and check out his post on the BBC Archives. Update: Thanks to advice form Noz in comments, I've sent Kevin's post into the future! Now I need to recharge my flux capacitor.

  2. I haven't written much lately about my novel or my writing in general. That will be amended in the weeks to come, so for those who are interested in novel-related ramblings, keep your pants on (or take them off, whichever is more comfortable for you).

  3. I've been pining for a new iPod, ever since mine was stolen. I decided to get one of the new mini iPods (the silver one) but alas, everywhere on planet Earth is sold out and backordered by two to four weeks. Oh, lament my poor soul! If you are touched by my sob story, you can donate to the Library tech fund (the paypal button on the sidebar). If you donate ten bucks or more, I'll e-mail you an original short story or snail mail you a mix CD, your choice (just e-mail me and tell me which one you want).

  4. Kevin and I are going to see Fahrenheit 9/11 tonight. So there should be at least one review of it up here in the coming day or two.

  5. So, the other day, this guy cuts me off on the beltway and so I pull up beside him, roll my window down and yell,"Fuck you!" and then he yells back, "No, Fuck you!" and then theSsecret Service agents pulled me over because the guy who cut me off was Dick Cheney. Man, what a prick.


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