Sunday, June 27, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11: Reviewed

Kevin and I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 yesterday evening and I'm here to tell you it was everything I thought it would be and then some. Now, as other reviewers have pointed out1, if your a political junkie or a blogger (but there I go, repeating myself) there isn't a whole lot of new information in this movie. But that's not the point. There are plenty of revelations for those fence sitters, moderates and people who watch Paris Hilton stick her arm up a cow's ass instead of reading a newspaper every once in a while but the point of the film wasn't to lift the rock of the Bush administration and make faces at the squirming things beneath. It was to take a lot of information that has been leaked, spun, buried, stifled, or reported only in the British Press and construct a Big Picture out of it. And Michael Moore does this with humor, and heart.

There were one or two bits of new information I learned last night that I was not aware of before. Firstly, that the Saudi Embassy has a contingent of six Secret Service Agents assigned to protect it and the Saudi Ambassador and that they are the only embassy in the US with such protection. This strikes me as odd, because security for Diplomats is generally regarded as State Department territory.

I was also surprised to find out the stunningly large amount of money that the Saudis have invested in the US, what amounts to nearly 7% of the US GDP and that the Saudi royal family has nearly a trillion dollars invested in US Banks. It was hinted at in the film that if the House of Saud were to get a bug up its ass and pull all of that money out at once, the US economy would be hit hard. Like Second Great Depression hard.

I had heard of "Bandar Bush" and the Saudi-Bush family Connections before, but I wasn't aware that they were so incestuously close. Now, we've played six degrees of separation, and know that you can connect anyone to anyone else in the world with just some imagination and a bottle of tequila (I once connected myself to Sean Connery in only three degrees, all without even getting close to Kevin Bacon). But the only way the Bush and Bin Laden families could be closer is if the Bush Twins were to marry Osoma's nephews. And that prospect isn't so far out as one might think, when we consider that their grandfather, Bush 41, was in a Carlyle Group meeting on the morning of September 11 with Bin Laden's half brother. They watched the planes hit the towers together.

Conspiracy mongering aside, the film does hit home the tense and thoroughly painful realities of having our troops in Iraq The emotional conflict of being anti war, pro troop; realizing too late that we've all been duped by petty, greedy bastards who don't care that our sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, husbands and wives are being killed for vague excuses having little to do with the realities on the ground; realizing the horror of this war of no purpose, for both Americans and Iraqis as we all slowly but surely discover our worst fears: that this war was started, not to protect us from the vague threat of terrorism, but so that some rich men can make more money.

So if you are one of those Paris Hilton Fence Sitters, looking for a sign and you go to see this movie and you still vote for Bush in November, you have more than just a flawed character. You're a dupe of supreme magnitude and deserve whatever horrors Bush can bestow upon you.

Giblets, from the greatness that is Fafblog, has the best review of Fahrenheit 9/11 I've read yet. Go. Read. Enjoy. Laugh. Bring me back some pie.


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