Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Great Zombie Jesus on a Pogo Stick

For some time, I've been following this little gem of a story but haven't written about it because I couldn't come up with a handle, a way to describe the events of the story without it sounding ridiculous or absurd. The problem was not mine but the facts. They are absurd. Let's face it, when our elected representatives crown the Rev. Moon as the Messiah at an exclusive ceremony on Capitol Hill, it sounds just a wee bit over the top.

But that's what happens when you do business with Rev. Moon. Logic gets turned inside out, otherwise reasonable or at least competent people go off their heads, cats and dogs, etc, etc. The reason is simple: Reverend Moon is batshit crazy. Seriously. He's nuttier than a two headed calf on milking day. Jesse at Pandagon sums it up nicely:

...The man hates everyone. He's anti-Semitic on a level that would make Hutton Gibson blush. He hates Christians, as is mentioned in the article he hates gays and lesbians, he hates America, he hates every political party, so far as I can tell...he hates ponies, or so I've heard.

What kind of monster hates ponies?

But seriously folks, what the fuck are our Congresscritters and Senatefolk doing crowning anyone anything? I seem to remember we fought a little war over the fact that people who wear crowns do not have the ideals of Democracy at heart and in general, tend to treat people like crap. So why are the Powers That Be doling out crowns, especially to wackos who openly espouse genocide and theocracy?

I don't know, but John Gorenfeld has some ideas.


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