Tuesday, June 29, 2004

It's Not a Convention Until the Hookers Arrive

New York Daily News:

With thousands of Republicans set to invade the city this summer, high-priced escorts and strippers are preparing for one grand old party.

Agencies are flying in extra call girls from around the globe to meet the expected demand during the Aug. 30-Sept. 2 gathering at Madison Square Garden.

'We have girls from London, Seattle, California, all coming in for that week,' said a madam at a Manhattan escort service. 'It's the week everyone wants to work.'


Charging from $300 to upwards of $1,000 for an hour of companionship and a whole lot more, escorts said they can always count on conventioneers for big business.

This isn't breaking news, but just a reminder of the facts, that Working Girls and Politicians go hand in hand (and by "hand" I mean... Other body parts).

Now, I'm all for legalizing prostitution. I think it's a fine revenue generating profession, that the women involved are offering a much needed service to society. After all, who else is going to fuck Trent Lott?

Now if only we could get the Moral Rake Party to just admit this openly, that they are mortal men with physical needs and that those are fine and natural and there's no shame in paying a buxom eighteen year old Guatemalan immigrant to let you lick her toes and then pee on your chest. That's what this country was founded on: the right to get freaky with a hired gal. But it's not just hypocritical to turn around the next day and spit fire and brimstone at the same ladies who massaged your frustrations away for being immoral. It's humiliating. Which is only OK if that's what you're paying them for.


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