Monday, June 07, 2004

One less Dinosaur

Speaking ill of the dead has never been a hobby of mine but I refuse to get all choked up over the passing of Ronald Reagan. I never liked the man when he was President, and I never felt obliged to give him a pass afterwards, just because he had Alzheimer's. And I'm not going to wax nostalgic about his legacy now that he's dead. I'm not running for public office, so I don't have to politic.

And just what are the Reagan legacies? A good chunk of them are currently playing out in blood in Iraq, South America and dozens of other spots around the globe where his callous disregard for human decency and common sense still have not been fully expunged. Reagan's policies are directly responsible for a fair number of the evils we live with today, from Osama Bin Laden to the Taliban to the instability of the Middle East, Russia and China in general. So shed your tears if you like, but never forget: all the other dinosaurs died a long time ago. All Reagan's death means is that we have one less to terrorize the world, tomorrow.

Tom Tomorrow has a number of links that shed further light on Reagan's life and legacy and Slacktivist highlights three of the man's most notable accomplishments.

Update: The Medium Lobster over at Fafblog has the best eulogy I've read yet, pointing out that Reagan was neither a dinosaur, nor the Second Coming of Christ, merely a man who did some things. They may not have always been the beast things, or done for the right reason, but they were still merely mortal acts, not the miraculous deeds of a demigod.


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