Thursday, June 10, 2004

There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

Manchester Online:

MANCHESTER music legend Morrissey sparked controversy when he announced Ronald Reagan's death live on stage during a concert - and then declared he wished it was George Bush who had died instead.

Thousands of fans at Dublin Castle, in Ireland, cheered when the ex-Smiths frontman made the announcement that the former American president, who had battled with Alzheimer's Disease, had passed away.

And an even bigger cheer followed when Morrissey - who is no stranger to controversy - then said he wished it had been the current President, George W Bush, who had died.

It's good to see that Rock Stars can still be genuinely controversial, without having to molest children or make porn movies. It's no big surprise that Morrissey would say something like this. After all, he wrote a song called Margaret on the Guillotine, and while he's never really Came Out, it's plain that he never thought very highly of a man who said that homosexuals get what they deserve, in reference to the AIDS crisis that he mismanaged during his administration.


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