Thursday, June 10, 2004

This Just In

I just recieved an e-mail from a friend in Iraq who is in the Army. This part is the kicker:

...Let me now explain the politics going on around here. 30 June is a huge day. that is when we give Iraq to the new prime minister and president. [edit] But our job is not over. We have agreed to leave Iraq once they can "stand on their own two feet" And our next target is Iran. In retaliation Iran has decided to bomb Iraq preventing them to "stand on their own two feet." Good strategy. So we can't take over their country like we are taking over Iraq. The main trouble maker has announced that he asked for thousands of suicide crusaders from all around to hit three targets. [emphasis added]

My friend did not mention the three targets by name, but implied one was where they were located. And as for Iran being our next target, I hate to say I told you so. But all you fucking hawks and jeebofascists: I fucking told you so!!!

For those who are voting for Bush, this is what you're voting for: unending war in the Middle East. Bush wants a holy war, Christians versus Muslims, to the death. And why Iran? Same reason as Iraq: they were the only two moderately secular governments in the region. Take them out, and the real Muslimists will take it personally, as an attack on their culture. And with no secular governments to get in the middle of their rumble, Bush and the Ayatollahs can have their Last Crusade.

And if you vote for Bush, you vote for Holy War. The blood of your children will be on your hands and there's no cleaning it off.

Of course, there's signals from Kerry that he'll continue this ridiculous war in the same vein as Bush, so who knows if voting for him will be all that much better.

The war machine is on auto pilot.

See you in Canada.


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