Saturday, July 03, 2004

The Amazing Adventurers of Politician Man

I realize that the content here at the Library has been a little spare of late and no one is more disappointed about this than I. That's the problem, though, with Grad School. You spend all your time and energy on things of little consequence (in the long run) but seem so important at the time. I mean, we've all gotten our heads turned around by the intricacies of the Child Internet Protection Act and it's ramifications on Public Library Filter Policies, I'm sure. Especially at the expense of what really matters, like the fact that the Mayor of Mexico City is also a Comic Book Superhero:

Mayor Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador appears as a heaven-bound figure besieged by snakes, sharks and dark-hooded politicians in a new comic book distributed by his administration: The Dark Forces Against Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The 16-page book is the administration's most recent attempt to fight off what Lopez Obrador has described as "a plot" by federal officials and other prominent figures to undermine him ahead of the 2006 presidential election.

This is a fabulous idea. I predict that in the future, comic books will become the main tool for Mayoral races. I think the Marion Barry campaign should consider it. Though they'd have to sell it in a brown paper bag.


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