Monday, July 26, 2004

American-Style Democracy: Now, with Extra Razorwire!

Yahoo! News

"'We are on high, high red alert for the protection of our civil liberties,' said Claryce Evans, national coordinator for United Peace and Justice." From inside of a cage surrounded by chainlink fencing and razorwire.

Instead of fiddling with extra neunanced color coded warning systems, United Peace and Justice should have, I don't know, been looking out for protesters being shuffled into pens surrounded by fencing, or something. Anything. I suppose locking the protesters up now just saves time when it comes to arresting them, seeing as how they'll all be trapped in a confined area, unable to escape.

And this is at the Democratic convention. Can't wait to see what the Republicans have lined up for New York. Wetnaps pre-doused with tear gas? Or maybe the protesters will line up in orderly fashion for the billyclub beatings, to be held in New Jersey. That way no one has to see the last shreds of our civil liberties being smothered by the Security State.


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