Monday, July 05, 2004

Dinner and a Movie

I just got back form a post-Independence Day cookout where I had an interesting conversation with Neil, a fellow from Ireland visiting as a student. He had something to say about the way we handle immigration and visas post 9/11, all them valid (like the fact that he feared that he was going to be deported any minute if he didn't fill out the Byzantine forms correctly and state precisely the exact amount of change in his pockets). He also told me something interesting, a bit of information you can only get from a non American.

Apparently, over in Europe, Fox News is a joke. The way he put it was that, "It's what you turn on when you've had a bad day because the things they make up are just funny." That it's just common knowledge in Europe that Fox News is Bullshit and that people only watch it for the humor value. He was surprised when I informed him that here in the US, there are actually people who believe the things Fox News says. I had to explain to him that most Americans don't follow the BBC and since we don't have a scrupulous American equivalent, they've forgotten what actual journalism sounds like. They think that if someone wears a tie and sits behind a desk and tells them fact-like things, that they must be telling the truth.

Different cultures, and all that.

Well, I'm off to See Spiderman 2. I'll have a full review tomorrow, or maybe wednesday. Finals and all that.


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