Thursday, July 01, 2004

Throwing the Horses Overboard

Looks like it's that time again: the summer doldrums, where it's just a long sweaty haul towards the real political meat of the Fall. Now that the Supreme Court is pretty much finished for the season, the only thing left on the horizon, for the politibloggers (besides the steadily mounting outrage over whatever it is Bush will say or do next) is the presidential debates. Even this will be lean, in my opinion, as most of the country has pretty much already chosen sides. The liberals and most sane lefties have sided with Kerry while the Beltway Fascists, in a display of religious party devotion, are sticking to Bush. This means Kerry will be trying to wrestle the Naderites over to his side while Bush will be putting on a song and dance for the Moderate Republicans, trying to convince them he isn't really an incompetent, spoiled baby, daydreaming of the ease of Dictatorship.

For the rest of the summer, this will remain my position. Unless something truly outrageous happens (always a possibility with these chuckleheads in office) there will be no more political commentary from me until the election. Kevin may chime in from time to time but from what he's told me, he has a series of archive-activist oriented posts lined up. As for me, I'm steering this ship back towards its original course and will blogging about books, writing and library issues. Not to worry though, there will be plenty of pictures of Lucy, the occasional movie review (Spider Man 2 is open now and King Arthur's coming up next weekend!), so I'm only on hiatus from wonkery, not the things that really matter.

For your daily dose of political outrage, there's always my fellow members of the Liberal Coalition.


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