Friday, July 16, 2004

Working in a Coal Mine

Michael Mcgrorty at Library Dust has posted his resume. It is a stunning example of what all Librarian's resumes should look like. Heck, what all resume's should look like. If more resumes were this honest and strait forward, they'd actually be interesting to read:

Next job: United States Navy (age seventeen). Served on three different ships; ran ship's library, was drunk in many foreign and domestic ports. Read all of Shakespeare, Milton, Faulkner, Conan Doyle, Fitzgerald, Jane Austen, a few dozen others and as much of the Brontes as I could take.

Knowledge and Skills Obtained: Learned many impressive new curses in English and other languages; found out why the rest of the world craves American cigarettes; discovered that most of the world is poor. Avoided sexual relations with prostitutes around the globe. Managed to quit smoking. Found that they still have a silence rule in Australian libraries.

And check out his article, two posts down form this one that the future of Libraries. No truer thing will you read all day.


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